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    Citi-System® – it’s modular, scalable and adaptable

    It’s a signage range. It’s a street furniture range. It’s both combined into one seamless beautiful product range.

    Citi-System® brings multiple items together to reduce clutter, reduce waste, enhance public places and provide an income stream for the client.  The benches and planters attract visitors, while the space on the monolith can be used for wayfinding, or sold as advertising space.

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    Inspired by vision, created by design

    Citi-System® grew out of a desire to move away from the current fragmented approach to furniture.  Landmark project managers had observed how signage, bins, benches and other items were frequently purchased from different suppliers resulting in a cluttered and untidy appearance.

    Careful research and development has brought this range to the market ready to transform cityscapes worldwide.  Top quality sustainably sourced timbers along with powder coated steel create a striking statement for your special place.

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    Unique and customisable

    Citi-System® is a registered design and is infinitely variable.  From a simple bench to a multiple run of shaped spaces and walkways it fits any environment and can be customised to suit your unique requirements.

    6 of the key reasons to choose Citi-System®

    1. Reduce clutter by combining multiple items into a single system
    2. Sell advertising space to create a focal point and increase revenue
    3. Create a perfectly coordinated space using items from a single supplier
    4. Simpler installation with fewer ground fixings
    5. Modular system enabling expansion and change
    6. Designed and manufactured in the UK

    Download CATALOGUE here

Quick & easy panel changeover

Citi-System has been designed to have the simplest panel change-over procedure. There is no need for step ladder or specialist tools, the whole process can be done on both sides within 10 minutes.


Open the monolith door with the security key.


Slacken the top and bottom retaining bars with a 10mm spanner


Slide the panel out sideways to remove.


Slide the new panel in and gently tighten the retaining bars.


Close and lock the monolith door, and the job is completed.

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Helping you create unforgettable places



Imagine your perfect place, and add Citi-System® to it.

From just a handful of key components we can create something special for you.  Matching your corporate brand guidelines, fitting in with the street scene or corporate policy, configuring and adapting to enhance the space, these features come as standard with Landmark.



Multiple processes combine to create a truly effective solution.

Steel and timber, both sourced ethically and selected for minimum environment impact and maximum durability, create Citi-System®.  Engineered to withstand the rigours of public realm products individual components are replaceable to reduce ongoing costs.



Overcoming technical and logistical challenges is a daily routine for the team.

We can supply the finished units for you to install, or use one of our approved contractors.  Landmark have experience ranging from remote waterlogged locations to busy hospitals, ancient castle to bustling high street.  Safety is always paramount and our installation teams are qualified for the most formidable of tasks.

We want to bring your vision to life

Speak to us today about how we can enhance your space with the modular, scalable and adaptable Citi-System® range.

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Furniture for Wealden Crematorium, East Sussex

This project was a somewhat different destination to usual, however it required just the same attention to detail and consideration as the many busy locations we’ve worked at. Wealden Crematorium sits in a 25 acre countryside site in Sussex and is a very attractive location including landscaping and planting to provide a haven for wildlife.

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Attention to detail

Every part of Citi-System has been designed to perform beyond expectation. The highest quality materials combined with the most careful workmanship gives a stunning result every time. 

Be part of the journey.

Your project is our project, the Landmark team is waiting to hear from you…

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Timber Selection Guide

Common species, characteristics & examples.

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Creating Unforgettable Places

Wayfinding, Furniture & Lighting Catalogue Issue 46.

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Coordinating the Street Scene

Furniture, Signage & Shelters Mettro Catalogue.

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