Landmark banner signs are a fantastic way to introduce and promote your destination, with the obvious benefit that the message can be changed according to the season.  The large banner area of the Windsor and the eye-catching single/double banners of the Henley provide a perfect statement that everyone will be sure to notice. They are usually made from fresh-sawn oak and many additional features can be incorporated into the design.  And, of course, the banners can be changed as often as you like, and they can be stored away ready for the next season! The print is highly UV resistant so fade is kept to an absolute minimum.

These outdoor banner signs are available in any size, and Landmark can supply the banners too, or you may prefer to source your own.  Double-sided banners look great, as do colour-matched metal tubes. And, of course, if the location is particularly windy, we can offer mesh banners.  Note however that these can only be printed on one side.

Banner post – Henley

The Henley banner sign just looks amazing, with its asymmetric frame of beautiful hardwood timber and printed banner with UV resistant print.  For additional...

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