Subtle and precise, Landmark’s range of lamp posts and lighting bollards will bring your destination to life. Carefully manufactured for durability, sustainability and minimal upward light reflection they are the perfect addition to create an unforgettable atmosphere after dark!


The 6 main categories of outdoor lighting are: Vehicle safety, pedestrian safety, building safety, floodlighting, spotlighting, feature lighting

To avoid unnecessary brightness, glare or duration, 3000k brightness or below with zero upward light reflection (0ULR) is considered effective. In addition amber lighting is less disturbing to wildlife.

This depends on the location and frequency of use. Where a high level of illumination is needed lamp posts can be installed with nature friendly lighting, and where a lower level is required lighting bollards will be adequate.

This depends on whether safety or feature lighting is required. As always avoid unnecessary brightness, glare or duration while maintaining adequte safety and security for the residents and visitors. Remember that a high level of glare can actually blank out the immediate area whereas carefully selected downward lighting increases visibility and safety.

Carefully designed outdoor lighting can reduce crime. This means well-placed, downward pointing lighting with minimal glare. Excessive glare can create blind spots with dark areas in between, meaning it can be difficult to see people, whereas more even lower-level lighting gives a much clearer view.

This can take many forms, from lampposts to lighting bollards to uplighters to lighting logs. Lighting should always enhance the landscape and avoid unnecessary brightness, glare or duration.

This lighting must avoid any upward reflection and is known as 0ULR (zero upward light reflection) to avoid light pollution.

The best landscape lighting is not visible during the day, it should be designed to blend into the landscape and just come to life in the dark when and where it is needed.

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