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Landmark offer CPD Presentations to architects. These can be delivered face to face or remotely via Teams or Zoom and take approximately 40 minutes. They are created from real life experience in helping our client create unforgettable places, and will provide everyone with some takeaways to put into practice.

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    1. Outdoor wayfinding principles & strategies.

    In this CPD we look at some of the core principles behind good wayfinding, and demonstrate how they can be stitched together to create a coherent strategy. We then look at a completed strategy and walk through the principles applied in creating the document.

Key points covered are:



  • Methodology
  • Process
  • Timeline
  • Milestones
  • Project management

Research (specific considerations)

  • Site audit
  • Current signage audit
  • Visitor audit

Research (universal considerations)

  • Accessibility & inclusivity
  • Sustainability
  • Materials & lighting
  • Alternatives to signage

Strategy (site-wide)

  • Avatars and user journeys
  • Signage hierarchy
  • Signage family

Strategy – (site-specific)

  • Physical elements
  • Written elements
  • Graphic elements


  • Documentation
  • Delivery
  • Next steps
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    2. Signage materials & properties.

    In this CPD we deep-dive into the various materials that are available for signage, looking at both the structures and the graphics. Having covered the main materials used we then look at some case studies to show why we have chosen particular materials for the project.

Key points covered are:


Structural materials

  • Structure material properties and selection
  • Surface coatings
  • Finishes, including timber
  • Weathering
  • Installation guidelines

    Graphics panel materials

    • Graphics panel properties and selection
    • Case studies and reasons
    • Design overview
    • Interpretation and wayfinding
    • Signage families
    • Extreme environments
    • cpd lighting

      3. Landscape lighting

      In this very popular CPD we explore the apparently conflicting requirements of safer spaces and darker skies.  We look at different types of lighting, explain some of the terminology used, then see how carefully designed lighting enhances safety in public spaces while retaining darker skies and remaining wildlife friendly.

    Key points covered are:



    • Types & categories of landscape lighting
    • Temperature, CRI, distribution and recommendations
    • Light control zones
    • IP and IK


      • Standard, regulations and certifications


      • Terminology – lux vs. lumen!

      Good vs Poor Lighting

      • Example of good and poor lighting


      • Solar vs. wired

      Lighting Plans

      • Lighting plans – Isoline and visual

      Thank you for sending across the slides and for the presentation yesterday, we all found it very useful and interesting.

      I came away with a greater appreciation of how successful wayfinding can have a positive impact on a scheme’s layout and the end users experience. As a design team, we are continually pushing new ways to create an authentic ‘place’ rather than an anywhere development. I can certainly see wayfinding strategies being beneficial on our larger sites, with the aim in creating positive destinations.

      We hope to get in touch again soon.

      Many thanks again,

      Landscape Architect, Sussex


      “Thanks for sending the slides, and thank you again from us all for the CPD, it was very informative.

      We will definitely keep you in mind for anything that comes up in the future!”

      “Many thanks for sending the slides through and for talking us through your work yesterday. It was very interesting to see the analysis that goes on wayfinding and understanding the design process.”

      “Thank you. Your presentation was very informative and interesting I think we have all learnt a lot. I look forward to a scheme with signage so we can collaborate on the design.”

      “We all enjoyed the presentation as well – really interesting to hear about ACM as this is something that I don’t think any of us had come across before.”

      “Thank you again for coming in. We all enjoyed the presentation, learned a lot and as we said it was a really great level of information.”

      “It was a really fantastic and inspired presentation.”

      We want to work with you.

      Your project is our project, the Landmark team is waiting to hear from you…

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