Signage and Furniture Design

The design and materiality of the product are as important as the graphics.

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    Focused on sustainability.

    At Landmark, we are experienced in all the key building materials – aluminium, different types of steel, plastic, hardwood and modified timbers. Sustainability is a key focus and where possible items are recycled or renewable, and capable of being refurbished or recycled at end of life.

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    Designed for purpose.

    By drawing on our design resources we can create structures that are perfectly appropriate to their environment and either fit in unobtrusively or create a statement, whichever is required.

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    Seamless design.

    When signage and furniture are designed together, they look like they belong together giving your site a seamless appearance. While this may not be consciously noticed by the visitors, the overall feeling of good design contributes subtly to the ambience of the surroundings.

We want to work with you.

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