Landmark’s range of lamp posts are the perfect solution for discreet and atmospheric lighting for parks, driveways, car parks and cycling/walking paths.  The high quality LED modules are expected to last more than 100,000 hours and they are IP54 rated to ensure long trouble-free operation.  They are supplied as 230V, 12V or solar powered for total versatility.  In addition they can be supplied root-fixed (below ground mounted) or bolt-down (surface mounted) using a post holder.

Alto (Wired) – Lamp Post – 93010

This unit is unique, in fact every single one of these is absolutely individual! Crafted from a single chestnut trunk it is available in...

Angelo (Wired) – Lamp Post – 93009

This unit is exceptionally sleek in its appearance and is naturally 0ULR rated (zero upward light reflection) making it perfect for Dark Skies areas....

Stelle (Wired) – Lamp Post – 93008

This is a development of the very popular 93007 Strato and is equally minimalist and uncluttered in its appearance. Usefully it is available in...

Strato (Wired) – Lamp Post – 93007

The Strato is an exceptionally attractive unit with a minimalist uncluttered design. It’s available in larch, chestnut or oak and works well where a...

Timber options

The lamp posts come in a wide range of timbers, all with different properties.  Larch and Douglas Fir is a durable softwood that has a high resin content, and for increased durability all Larch and Douglas Fir products are supplied with a post support to raise the base above ground level.  Chestnut is a very popular material resembling oak.  It’s categorised as class I-II durability.  The heartwood contains a high level of tannin increasing its moisture resistance.  Being a fairly fast growing tree it’s also very sustainable and is becoming a sought-after timber.  Oak is a classic hardwood with a high natural tannin content with the same durability as Chestnut, although slightly harder.  It weathers down to the classic silver-grey although can be treated to protect the golden colour of fresh-sawn.  Accoya is a modified softwood and has the unique qualification of being guaranteed 25 years below ground and 50 years above ground.  The treatment is uniform right through the timber and gives it unrivalled durability and dimensional stability.  Cumaru is a Brazilian hardwood, very stable and durable with a beautiful colour and appearance.  The surface becomes extremely smooth after planing and is perfect where a very high quality appearance is required.

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Lighting options

The lighting can be varied too.  The standard lighting colours are 2700k (warm), 4000k (cool) and Amber (bat-friendly mode) so wherever the lamp post is being used the lighting will be perfect for the situation.  For example a car park might require 4000k (whiter and brighter) whereas a campsite would suit a 2700k module (warmer and softer).

Timber sustainability

Durability classDegree of sustainabilityIndicated lifespan in years
1Very durable> 25Accoya, Cumaru
3Moderately durable10-15Larch/Douglas
4Slightly durable5-10
5Not durable< 5

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