Bicycle Stands

Statistics tell us there are more than two billion bikes in the world, and Landmark has supplied cycle stands as far afield as Doha!  They can be made from metal, timber or plastic and will help to encourage people to take to the pedals once they know there is somewhere safe to keep their bike. A cycle stand is an aesthetic solution in any location where people would like to lock up their bikes.

Our bicycle stands are available in a range of different materials, such as galvanised steel, oak, and reclaimed tropical hardwood.

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Cycle Stand – Canterbury

Our cycle stands are carefully designed to look great and perform just as well. The Canterbury’s unique vertical style means you can efficiently and...

Cycle stand – Cambridge

A classic cycle stand with mortised, screwed and dowelled joints for durability. Engraved and painted information on the side gives personalisation options to make...

Citi-System Cycle Stand
Metal Timber

Elegant yet hardwearing the Citi-System range is a simple piece of kit that brings sophisticated, modular and reliable furniture and signage to your space...

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