HardRok™ is our premium aluminium panel, combining exceptional performance with cost-effective production. Pin-sharp graphics are fade and vandal resistant making HardRok™ the perfect choice. These panels have been used all over the UK from the Isles of Scilly to the Johnnie Walker Distillery.

Key benefits of HardRok:

  • Available in virtually any size
  • Available in any shape including cutouts
  • 3mm or 5mm thickness
  • 10 year anti-fade warranty
  • Fire and moisture resistant
  • Graffiti and vandal resistant
  • High recycled content
  • Recyclable with no loss of property

HARDROK™ spec sheet

hardrok 3 hardrok 2 Craig Cerrig Gleisiad hardrok Higher Moors hardrok  hardrok2  Coombe Bissett hardrok  

Display sign – Cardiff A/B
HardRok™ Metal

A very smart and understated look makes the Cardiff display sign perfect for all situations. The simple tray design wraps round the posts giving...

Lectern – Cardiff C
HardRok™ Metal

The Cardiff lectern is a more minimalist take on the well-known London lectern. It comes with a digitally printed ‘HardRok’ panel giving pin-sharp edge-to-edge...

Lectern – Lymington
HardRok™ Timber

An increasingly popular style combining the beauty of oak with the minimalist elegance of a HardRok tray. Benefits of this style are edge-to-edge graphics,...

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