Landmark’s range of litter bins fit every situation and purpose. From the sleek and coordinated Citi Platinum Manila bins to the attractive rustic timber bins, our litter bins will suit every situation and purpose.


The most common metals for litter bins are mild steel and aluminium.

Mild steel is very easy to work with, and it is available in a wide range of profiles and sheet sizes. Mild steel needs a surface coating to protect it from corrosion, so it is either powder coated or sprayed. Powder coating gives a very hard and even finish, but it is not available in as many colour options as spraying.

At one third of the weight of steel and also easy to recycle, aluminium is a popular option. It can be worked in the same way as mild steel although it may require specialist welding. Aluminium accepts powder coating and spraying as surface finishes.


All our timber is FSC, PEFC or GiB certified for proof of sustainability. Northern European softwoods treated with a special formulation enable us to offer guarantees of up to 10 years!


Recycled plastic is an ideal material for litter bins; it is fade, rot and vandal resistant. The material can be recycled again at the end of life, and there is no leaching into the soil of any chemicals. Usually supplied in black or brown, bins can be manufactured in a range of different sizes and configurations. Recycled plastic is especially useful in damp areas – for example, by rivers or ponds – or where the soil is very acidic, as there is 100% resistant to rot.

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