Landmark monolith signs (sometimes called totems) have been used by many of the UK’s foremost organisations to welcome and direct visitors and members of the public. Their appeal is due to their clean look, versatility, visibility and small ground area. Monolith signs can be made from metal or timber and adapted to suit any situation, whether a high-level unit is required to indicate a retail park or a discreet interpretative installation is required in a country park. In addition to this, they can be illuminated by mains or solar power.

Monolith signs or totems are frequently used as part of a wayfinding strategy, following the popularity of the legible city projects seen in the UK in recent years. They can feature maps with walking distances, useful information, directional information and electronic displays.

Metal Monolith & Totem Signs

Manufactured with a stainless steel core and stainless steel or aluminium outer, the Lisbon and Barcelona monoliths are built for longevity and corrosion/vandal resistance. Vibrant, easily replaceable graphics using a range of materials ensure that your monolith will look as good in the future as it does today.

Timber Monolith & Totem Signs

These are manufactured from a selection of hardwoods, including oak, and the chunky sections used provide a durable platform for your branding. The Canterbury and Braemar monolith signage will grace any location for years to come.

The combination of engraving and digitally printed inserts gives a striking appearance which only gets better as the timber gradually weathers down to a beautiful silver-grey over time. If you prefer to retain the golden colour, the monoliths can be treated annually with a UV-resistant timber restorer.

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