Thames21, Stanmore Marsh

About This Project

About This Project

Thames21 describe themselves as the voice for London’s waterways, working with communities to improve rivers and canals for people and wildlife.


Landmark has been privileged to work with Thames21 on several of their projects including Stanmore Marsh.  This involved restoring a former wetland on which the Edgware Brook had been rerouted into a concrete channel causing the site to dry up and losing its ability to act as natural flood storage.


An ambitious project was started to reverse this process and the result has to be seen to be believed.  The brook now winds through a natural environment, trees and wildflowers have been planted, new paths and a playground added.  Additionally, the flood storage is now improved and the water quality is improved by natural filtration of vegetation.


These striking solid oak monoliths were installed with rubbing plates on the top and interesting information on the sides.  They are weathering very well, showing the silvering so characteristic of this wonderful timber.


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