Woodland Trust, Heartwood Forest

About This Project

About This Project

Here’s another amazing place where we have been privileged to work.  A brand new forest of over half a million trees, pockets of ancient woodlands, wildflower meadows and wildlife in abundance.


It takes a special kind of foresight and love for the land to create a new forest.  In today’s world of instant results, there are no shortcuts to a task like this.  From the initial idea of creating a forest, to the negotiation, design, planting and maintenance it’s an enormous task and costs around £200,000 per year to maintain.


The arboretum apparently contains all 60 of our native tree species, 87 species of bird and 27 of butterfly have been recorded so far in the Forest, and there are miles of waymarked footpaths to enjoy this magical place.


Landmark have supplied these striking double sided signs based on our well-proved Aberdeen style.  They tell the story of Heartwood from the early plans right through to the current activities and is a silent testimony to those who work so hard for the enjoyment of others. Otherwise products supplied include waymarker posts, lecterns and monoliths.


We look forward to continuing the work at Heartwood Forest!