Guy Walton - 16 Dec 2022

Accoya – a new timber for signage?

Timber signage is widely used throughout the UK for its aesthetics and sustainability. Some of the most remarkable places we’ve ever seen have timber...

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Guy Walton - 17 Mar 2020

ACM/HPL/GRP or PC? A quick guide to different graphics panel materials

Having designed your sign, you’ve then got the problem of deciding what type of panel to put in it. There are loads of different...

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Guy Walton - 30 Sep 2019

What ideas should you consider when building your brand with signage?

There are plenty of factors to take into account, we have jotted down just a few of them to get you thinking! Knowing the...

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Guy Walton - 13 Sep 2019

Landmark – where imagination, creativity and skills meet

Create an unforgettable visitor experience with the help of the Landmark design team. We are a collection of designers and craftsmen who work together...

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Guy Walton - 6 Sep 2019

The importance of wayfinding & architectural signage in urban landscapes

While it’s true that wayfinding is about helping people get to where they want to go, it can also create brand enhancements and key...

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Guy Walton - 23 Aug 2019

FSC, PEFC, GiB, what’s it all mean?

These 3 certifications all relate to sustainability and traceability, but what’s the difference between them? FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Set up in 1993...

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Guy Walton - 12 Aug 2019

Green Spaces don’t just happen

Green spaces are so important, natural landscapes are vital to preserving regional ecosystems amid growing cities. Parks and open spaces help create human and...

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Guy Walton - 6 Aug 2019

How can signage and wayfinding improve visitor experience?

A clearly designed and well thought-out cohesive signage scheme will enhance your site and improve the  overall visitor experience. When faced with an unfamiliar...

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Guy Walton - 10 Jul 2019

Steel – Mild, Galvanised, Stainless or Weathering?

Steel is an excellent material for signage & wayfinding structures, but it can be quite confusing deciding what to specify. Here’s a brief guide...

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