Recycled Plastic – Properties and Advantages

Looking for new fingerposts or waymarker posts?

Have you considered using recycled plastic for them? Here’s a whole list of benefits of this amazing material…

RECYCLED PLASTIC – some useful stuff to know…

GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, using 100% recycled polythene which might otherwise end up in landfill
OBVIOUSLY RECYCLED, doesn’t pretend to be anything else, a good statement to the visitors
DURABLE, in fact it’s reckoned to last 10 times as long as timber in a marine environment
FULLY RECYCLEABLE, at end of life it can be recycled into other plastic products
CHEMICALLY INERT, no leaching of chemicals into the ground

Not only that but…

  • It’s rot-proof and fade-proof.
  • It requires no treatment before or after installation either.
  • It’s resistant to insect and microbial activity
  • It’s vandal and graffiti resistant, yet easy to clean.
  • It can be machined like timber, with engraving or inserts.

Is it better than timber in every situation? Well no, it doesn’t have the sheer strength of hardwood meaning that more care needs to be taken in structural situations, and it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal, especially as timber weathers down to an attractive silver-grey finish blending into the landscape.

However if durability and low-maintenance are key requirements, it’s definitely worth considering. Contact us for a price and some ideas on how recycled plastic could be used on your next project.

Check out one of our case studies here which uses recycled plastic.