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The Duro range is your answer to durability – all made from recycled plastic, these signs just last and last! Recycled plastic offers many advantages over timber: durability, rot resistance, stain resistance, recycled and recyclable and so on. Look at the items below to find out more…

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Plastic Signage:

Recyclable plastic signs are an excellent alternative and more environmentally friendly choice of signage. As well as offering more durability, with UV resistant and totally waterproof material, recycled plastic provides a better medium for creating graphics. The softer plastic results in a more flexible and sustainable outcome.

The Duro range offers variety, ranging from fingerpost signs, to lecterns at nature reserves, and local walking hotspots. One of the biggest benefits of such durability, is that signs in areas prone to rotting are completely resistant to the elements that would usually cause damage overtime.

Unlike the majority of elements, fire is one that is, more often than not, unexpected and far more disastrous – which is why our signs are even made to be fire resistant.