Zonitise Skin


  • Active protection from germs for up to 8 hours
  • Protects against 99.999% of bacteria
  • Moisturises and protects skin



Zonitise Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser is an effective way to prevent contact based contamination.


It is alcohol-free and helps keep skin clean, soft and moisturised. It is suitable for use on children and can be used around food, pets and plants.


Unlike traditional hand sanitisers that only provide short-term protection, Zonitise antimicrobial technology adds a microscopic layer of protection to your skin which continually destroys bacteria for up to 8 hours.


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What does Zonitise Antimicrobial Spray offer the marketplace?

  • A long lasting Anti-microbial coating that maintains efficacy between cleaning cycles by being constantly active in reducing the build up of biofilms and microbial colonization.
  • A reduction in cross contamination risk, proven by successful implementation of the technology across a diverse variety of institutions and facilities.
  • Once applied – Safely return to Pre Pandemic cleaning routines with the peace of mind that your surfaces and high touch areas are constantly self disinfecting. Save large costs on unsustainable labour and the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • When our coatings are applied, you only need to use PH neutral disinfectants – we can supply you a list of products approved to work with our coatings.