Landmark and Zonitise are working together to bring you a remarkable new product – eco-friendly anti-microbial, virus killing coatings that keep areas permanently sanitised 24/7 for up to one year!



Zonitise anti-microbial coating is safe, non-toxic and bond invisibly to any surfaces.  They work constantly to kill harmful micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould.  All the products are laboratory tested for effectiveness and are guaranteed to perform up to 12 months.  In fact, if it doesn’t perform for whatever reason we will re-apply at our own cost!



We swab-test the surfaces to produce a Bionomic Report to establish contamination levels prior to treatment.  Then a cleaner/degreaser polymer is applied before the final Zonitise barrier coating.  This will remain constantly active for up to 1 year! The anti-bacterial coating will help reduce the spread of viruses and keep surfaces clean!



The final step is to swab-text the surfaces 2 weeks after treatment and issue a certificate showing that the area has been treated.  This will give peace of mind to staff and visitors.


Contact us today to find out more about this long-lasting anti-microbial surface treatment, and phase out costly and time-consuming deep clean regimes.

New from Landmark – Zonitise anti-microbial coating


  • Anti-microbial protection guaranteed for 12 months
  • Works 24/7 for continual protection
  • Reduce deep-clean costs and downtime
  • No more toxic cleaning fluids
  • Reduce odours as no bacterial growth
  • Professionally applied throughout the UK


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