Lincoln – Picnic Bench – 71018

Lincoln - 71018

The Lincoln is a firm favourite with many organisations.  Its sturdy, yet elegant and unobtrusive construction makes it an excellent choice for all situations.

This is a furniture range that boasts thick-set timber, and a large selection of both standing and sitting products that may be combined in a variety of ways to meet any public realm specification with ease.

Included in the range:

Straight benches – Straight benches of varying lengths nest nicely into tight spaces, such as in corners or along walls. They are a great option to run in-line with paths and bridleways.

Backed Benches – A fantastic option for viewpoint, and a more restful experience. Lincoln backed benches also provide a good opportunity for plaque mounting, for dedications.

Tables – Cater for as many people as you need by choosing from a number of table lengths and running them in-line as required. Standing versions of the Lincoln tables help provide stopping opportunities while keeping crowds moving and engaged on your site.

Picnic Benches – Make a combination of the above to create a variety of combinations and create the perfect picnic area for your site that is accommodating for all.

Curved benches – These look particularly good around a focal point, meeting place or viewpoint. They tuck neatly under a tree to take advantage of the natural unimposing shelter.

Don’t forget to ask for a shelter to shade your visitors from the sun and keep them dry in the rain. Such shelters work just as effectively with your signage, take a look at the Bangor Sign Shelter.

Picnics often end with food wrappers and litre. Check out our range of Littre Bins to keep your sites tidy.



Solid Timber Modular System 68 STAINS


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