Citi-System – Monolith – 64001

Monolith - 64001

Elegant yet hardwearing the Citi-System range is a simple piece of kit that brings sophisticated, modular and reliable furniture and signage to your space without all the clutter or the need to deal with multiple suppliers of mis-matching items.

Standard offerings of minimalist Benches, Planters, Monoliths and Cycle Stands can be purchased as stand-alone items.

If you like what you see but are looking for something more unique and customisable then simply head over to our City System Product Builder, where from just a handful of core components you can create an infinite variety of layouts using as many or as few as you wish.

Top quality sustainably sourced timbers along with powder coated steel create a striking statement for your special place.


Lnadmark badges BLUE singles 01 COLOUR OPTIONS EXTERNAL GRADE Modular System 68 PROTECTIVE COATING REPLACEMENT GRAPHIC PANEL Solar Illumination Wired Illumination


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