Our range of fire-resistant polycarbonate hygiene screens have been used throughout the UK to provide safe protection for staff and visitors. They come in multiple versions and sizes, and, of course, can be made in custom sizes for any application.

Hygiene Screens, also known as Sneeze Guards, are designed to help stop the spread of viruses and infectious diseases in commercial settings such as offices, shops, hotels, supermarkets and reception areas.

Hygiene Screens

Engineered to a high standard using the highest-grade polycarbonate, our Hygiene Screens are both fire and chemical resistant and manufactured from the same medical-grade materials used in Police Riot Shields.

Available in three different sizes or by custom order, screens can be joined together with H-Seal Gaskets. Additional Filler Panels are also available to provide further flexibility in layout.

Screens are fully recyclable and have a 10-year material warranty.

Roller Shield Blinds

Perfect for shops, restaurants, offices or between workers our Roller Shield Blinds are available in four useful sizes. Fitted directly to a suspended ceiling grid with simple clips, the rigid back bar enables easy fitting almost anywhere.

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Our screens significantly reduce the risk of disease spreading from one person to another by creating a protective barrier between people where physical interactions take place.

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