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Coombe Bissett Down nature reserve is a magical place. It’s not just that it’s a beautiful chalk downland valley with sweeping views, or that it’s rich in rare wildflowers, butterflies and birds, or that there’s a network of paths criss-crossing amongst the sheep and trees. It’s because of the presence of the past; as in so many parts of this most enigmatic of English counties, there are reminders of our ancestors over many millennia of activity, and you are always half-expecting to meet one of them round the next corner!

Landmark was very privileged to work at this amazing site, which is owned and managed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Thanks to project funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, a large field has recently been restored to downland, and Landmark constructed and installed a range of new visitor infrastructure on the reserve. As on some of our other projects, The Way Design was the lead client and did a wonderful job of interpreting it.

Sturdy oak posts with shaped top and profile HardRok panels work perfectly here to create an eye-catching yet sympathetic addition to the landscape. Trailhead posts are also used, and thankfully there are some benches to rest the weary limbs and drink in the atmosphere.

Products used on this project

Post-mounted display sign – Geneva

The traditional yet contemporary Geneva post-mounted sign with an enormous range of customisations to give unique twist to every situation. It comprises an aluminium...

Bollard lighting – Punto (Wired)

The Punto hardwood bollard has been specially developed for areas where a sleek style is required. The special LED module ensures that the light...

Bollard lighting – Peri (Wired)

The Peri is a little powerhouse! Thanks to its compact design (only 500mm high) it is very suitable for compact outside spaces and narrow...

Cycle Stand – Canterbury

Our cycle stands are carefully designed to look great and perform just as well. The Canterbury’s unique vertical style means you can efficiently and...

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