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Where in the civilised South East will you hear screeching from 16 tyres trying to cope with more than 2000 horsepower on a slippery angled track? Or allow your 14-year-old child to drive £50,000 worth of car down a cobbled slope into muddy water?

Well, it has to be Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, in the grounds of the famous Brooklands circuit. In fact, considerable stretches of the banked track are still clearly visible and around the edge of the site.

This extraordinary venue caters to the most extreme of petrolheads and is definitely worth a visit. Obviously, you’ll find it easy to navigate around the site because of the remarkable fingerpost signs showing the way! The Lambourn fingerpost from the Duro range was used to give a smart, durable and very low maintenance solution.

Products used on this project

Fingerpost sign – Lambourn
Recycled Plastic

The beautifully made Lambourn fingerpost sign matches perfectly with other products from the Duro range.  It combines clear presentation of essential wayfinding information with...

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