When King Richard 1 passed through Melton Mowbray in 1194 history doesn’t record whether he had any difficulties finding his way around.  The fact that 11 of the 14 Plantagenet kings also visited the town suggest that the visit must have been a success.

Since then Melton Mowbray has seen many travellers pass through on the Great North Road and since the 18th century they have been fortified with pork pies and Silton cheese.  Melton is now famous for both delicacies but the area has much more on offer too – country parks, a brewery, a 1000 year old street market and the Carnegie Museum.

Landmark were approached to update the wayfinding around the town centre.  This involved surveying and planning locations for information boards and fingerpost signs, then creating new mapping to guide visitors around this very interesting town.  Our Stockholm range display signs were selected and a small modification was made to allow the post to be extended where necessary to add fingerpost signs.  This is a perfect example of how street clutter can be reduced by careful selection of suitable products.

Additionally the signage is mounted in concealed ground sockets meaning that it can moved as required, whether to make space for an event, filming activities, or future development.  Landmark projects are designed to be sustainable, scalable and adaptable and this is no exception, we look forward to working with Melton in the future!

Products used on this project

Fingerpost sign – Bristol

The Bristol fingerpost is an economical and versatile addition to any setting. Multiple options for colours, shapes and layouts add to its appeal.

Notice case – Stockholm

The Stockholm notice case can be purchased on its own or with a graphics panel to make a stunning combination board.  Clean, elegant lines...

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