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Formerly RAF Uxbridge, the home of Fighter Command No.11 Group, this site played a vital part in the Battle of Britain. In fact, the Bunker is now a museum and important visitor centre with the plotting room set out exactly as it was when Winston Churchill visited on 15th September 1940.

It continued for another 70 years until closed by the MoD in 2010, and it is now a 110-acre mixed-use scheme with residential units, commercial and retail spaces, and a school, theatre, surgery, hotel and nursing home! It also includes a 32-acre public park alongside the River Pinn.

Landmark was approached by Hillingdon Council to provide timber fingerposts throughout the site. The distinctive Inverness range was selected with the addition of square-ended finger-arms for a contemporary feel and an engraved motif on the posts.

These connect the Town Centre, Theatre, Celandine Route (a 12-mile walk along the Pinn), the Bunker, Brunel University and other key locations in this fascinating area.

The project is ongoing, and we are looking forward to continuing our dream job of blending history with geography, the past with the present, and to educate for the future.

Products used on this project

Fingerpost sign – Newport

The beautifully made Newport fingerpost sign matches perfectly with other products from the County range. It supplies essential wayfinding information in a way that...

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