Landmark were commissioned by Cherwell District Council to carry out the signage design, manufacture and installation for five different zoo-themed walking trails in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, designed to encourage families to explore their local area on foot, reducing congestion, improving connectivity and boosting physical and mental wellbeing.

The routes needed to be easy and safe to navigate for both children and adults, with varying lengths from 1.7km to 5km and starting from a central location in the Exeter Hall grounds, but accessible from any point along the routes.

Oak signage structures were used to give a ‘rural/natural’ feel, with Aluminium panels, finger arms and discs were used to ensure consistency and accessibility for the visually impaired. This contrast worked of oak and aluminium worked well against the backdrop of buildings constructed from local limestone and ensured all signage fitted in with the surroundings.

This was an especially rewarding project and it’s great to be involved in schemes like this, in a small way we can all help make a difference to how we use our and value our surroundings.

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