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Caerphilly has it all: its own castle, its own mountain, its own cheese (the miners’ favourite), a statue of Tommy Cooper and a Welsh Manor (see our other case study), and it is even described as a commuter’s dream. This last point is because it offers the perfect balance of beautiful countryside and a busy town centre.

Landmark was awarded the tender for the signage and wayfinding for the Five Country Parks & Bedwas Riverside project. We were privileged to work in this wonderful setting producing a series of signs including huge timber monoliths, metal interpretation signs and some fabulous railway station-type signage.

This was carefully designed to link the parks together and provide cohesion to quite an extensive linear trail, and key destinations appear as stations in an iconic mapping style.

Products used on this project

Lamp Posts – Alto (Wired)

This unit is unique, in fact every single one of these is absolutely individual! Crafted from a single chestnut trunk it is available in...

Lamp Posts – Angelo (Wired)

This unit is exceptionally sleek in its appearance and is naturally 0ULR rated (zero upward light reflection) making it perfect for Dark Skies areas....

Lamp Posts – Stelle (Wired)

This is a development of the very popular 93007 Strato and is equally minimalist and uncluttered in its appearance. Usefully it is available in...

Lamp Posts – Strato (Wired)

The Strato is an exceptionally attractive unit with a minimalist uncluttered design. It’s available in larch, chestnut or oak and works well where a...

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