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If you want to see a pipistrelle bat, then Lily Hill would be a good place to visit. Additionally, there are at least five other species of bat, together with a diverse selection of birds, insects and wild flowers.

Lily Hill is a beautiful 23-hectare park near Bracknell with great facilities for all the family. It is also now the lucky custodian of three sign shelters from Landmark.

These amazing structures are handcrafted from fresh-sawn and air-dried oak, with pin-sharp graphics on the map board and a locking notice case. Built for durability, every aspect of them has been carefully designed for ease of assembly, security and longevity.

As a second phase to this project, we have installed these beautiful wany-edge timber signs which make a stunning entrance feature to the site.

Products used on this project

Sign shelter – Bangor

These wonderful sign shelters give you all the advantages of the Newbury Notice Cases and Aberdeen Display Frames but with the added benefit of...

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