NAVIG8 (pronounced navigate) is a multi-platform digital mapping application created to give visitors the ability to navigate
their own way to and around your premises quickly and easily with the aid of pre-programmed digital maps.

Key Features

  • Simplified floorplans
  • Text instructions
  • Predictive text search bar
  • Multi-language options
  • Alphabetical directory
  • Multi-floor views
  • Quick select popular destinations
  • Send directions to Smartphone
  • Print directions


Visiting the hospital can be an anxious and stressful time for many people. NAVIG8 relieves stress by giving

patients and visitors access to a simplified map of the hospital and the ability to plan routes to a particular

department or room from any start point within the hospital grounds, including the car parks and public transport links.


Using smartphones, computers & tablets, patients and visitors can access preprogrammed digital routes from

home to and around the hospital grounds. By simply putting in their start and end destinations the software

provides the fastest and most accessible route. Users can re-route to as many destinations as they wish,

and when they have accessed the appropriate route the map and text instructions can be uploaded onto a

smartphone for them to use on the move.


DDA compliant digital kiosks can be positioned around the hospital in convenient areas to allow visitors to view

a simplified digital floorplan of the hospital. Using the kiosks position as the start point, users can route to any

preprogrammed room or department within the hospital and its grounds. The kiosk software is full of intelligent

functions which makes using the very simple


The NAVIG8 application is available to use on Smartphones to give visitors 24/7 accessibility. Using the same

features as the kiosk and website, users can plan routes either from any of the preprogrammed start and end

points or from their exact location, using Bluetooth connectivity with iBeacons positioned around the hospital.

NAVIG8 is unique because it offers you the following:

1. NAVIG8’s solution is one central robust codebase that works on multiple platforms – web browsers, mobile browsers, mobile apps and kiosks.


2. This system is built using cutting edge technology stacks including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for crossplatform development, Nginx as the web server and MYSQL/NOSQL as the databases.


3. Using HTML5 we provide a unified user experience across any device on any platform.


4. We host the solutions on a UK based scalable event-driven architecture platforms which allows for up to 1 million concurrent connections.

5. Dedicated bandwidth connections up to 6 Gbps of live traffic and up to 50,000 requests per second.


6. Multiplex pooling for low-latency communications. For redundancy we have fail safe servers. If there is a surge in visitors, the system will automatically increase availability.


7. Our systems include intelligent session persistence, application-aware health checks, massively scalable content caching and sophisticated streaming media delivery.

1. An enhanced visitor experience.
NAVIG8 gives visitors more confidence, enabling them to plan their visit in advance, or by using the kiosks on site. Easy to use, intuitive mapping will reassure them and help make their visit as stress-free as possible.


2. Efficient visitor/patient flow.
NAVIG8 helps visitors to move around the premises in the most efficient and safe way, with options to select accessible routes and alternative languages. It can also assist in reducing DNA’s and late appointments.


3. Efficient use of staff time.
NAVIG8 means that staff will spend less time giving directions, while enabling them to concentrate on those visitors who need more assistance.nue.

4. Promotion of retail facilities.
NAVIG8 can direct visitors past shops, restaurants and other facilities improving their experience and increasing revenue for the hospital.


5. Advertising revenue.
NAVIG8 gives you another opportunity to increase advertising revenue.