Interpretation Signage & Panels

Want to enhance the viewing experience for your visitors?


A well designed and easy to understand interpretation panel can go a long way in making your visitors feel more comfortable of their surroundings and make the most of their visit. This can not only increase the likelihood of them returning but is also a boon for your on-site staff as they have to spend less time catering visitors.


From design to production, we’ve got you covered


Landmark offers full-service for interpretation signs and panels:


  • Artwork and graphics – We can work with any existing design ideas you have or provide you with new ones
  • Content – From the text to the imagery, Landmark can also provide you with the content or we can use your own
  • Production – Once you’re happy with the proposed designs, we can produce the panels based on the desired specifications and materials


A closer look at Landmark’s interpretation signs and panels service:







This is the art of bringing your site to life. Whatever the visitor is looking at, there is sure to be a story behind it and Landmark can create an engaging and unforgettable experience.


Interpretation is more than just the panel, there is the sign structure, materials and location to consider, all of which have a major impact on the effectiveness. Some useful points are listed below:


Interpretation Signage & Panel Design


Our experienced design team can create the entire panels for you, or we can work with your material. Mapping, illustrations, historical content, copywriting are all areas for consideration. Graphic styles can be traditional or modern, designed to appeal to a particular age group or be more versatile.


The content can be uploaded to your website, and along with printed leaflets will spread the message further.


Your panels


The panels are digitally printed and can be supplied in different materials according to your requirements and budget. HardRok is a premium panel with pin-sharp graphics and 10 year anti-fade guarantee. We can also supply foam board, aluminium composite panel, solid aluminium plate, polycarbonate, GRP, etched steel plate and cast resin.


We can advise on the most appropriate material for your panels. Click here to see the most common materials available and their properties.


Sign structures


From a simple lectern to a double-sided sign shelter, your interpretation can be displayed in many ways. We recommend an orientation sign at key entry points with a map showing routes or points of interest. Some coordinated wayfinding such as fingerpost signs or waymarker posts will direct visitors the most suitable way.


Further into the site the interpretation panels provide the interest and somewhere to stop and reflect. Some benches and bins nearby will help create a gathering point and improve the visitor experience.


Sign materials used in interpretation signs and panels


Whilst these will depend of the location of the signs Landmark can supply in metal, timber and recycled plastic.


Metal signs are aluminium or steel and can be supplied powder coated or sprayed. Steel can also be stainless or corten, an attractive finish that rusts naturally to form a protective coating.


Timber signs are usually oak, but can be other hardwoods or softwood. These timbers will gradually weather down to an attractive silver-grey or can be treated with a UV resistant coating to retain their colour.


Recycled plastic is fade-proof and rot-proof and can be very useful for sites with a high moisture content. Available in brown and black.


We can advise on the most appropriate material for your signs.




Try to site your interpretation sign or panel where it will be visible, but without spoiling the view. An angled lectern will less intrusive than a vertical panel, sometimes posts with small graphics panels or rubbing plates and work well.


Timber structures are best sited away from overhanging trees and other damp areas.


If you have any questions or for a quote please get in touch or use the quote request form accessible via the Quick Enquiry button in the header.