Interpretation Design

This is the art of bringing your site to life. Whatever your visitors are looking at, there is sure to be a story behind it and Landmark can create an engaging and unforgettable experience to help captivate, inform and educate your guests.

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    What is Interpretation Design?

    1. Any interpretation that does not somehow relate what is being displayed or described to something within the personality or experience of the visitor will be sterile.
    2. Information, as such, is not Interpretation. Interpretation is revelation based upon the information. But they are entirely different things. However, all interpretation includes information.
    3. Interpretation is an art, which combines many arts, whether the materials presented are scientific, historical or architectural. Any art is, to some degree, teachable.
    4. The chief aim of Interpretation is not instruction, but provocation.
    5. Interpretation should aim to present a whole rather than a part, and must address itself to the whole man rather than any phase.
    6. Interpretation addressed to children (say up to the age of twelve) should not be a dilution of the presentation to adults, but should follow a fundamentally different approach. To be at its best it will require a separate program.
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    Better for everyone.

    Well-designed and easy to understand interpretation can go a long way in making your visitors feel more comfortable in their surroundings, and it can create a great user experience for them, enabling them to make the most of their visit. This can increase the likelihood of them returning and can also be a boon for your on-site staff, as they have to spend less time directing and informing visitors.

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    Maximise interest.

    We can create numerous styles of interpretation from hand-painted illustrations through to modern stripped-back styles and everything in between. Careful consideration of visitor interests ensures that the appropriate style is chosen for maximum impact.

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