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Finger arm
 1no. 500 x 135 x 25
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Newport – 71012

Prices from £151

Fingerpost signposts are a traditional style of sign that are seen everywhere you go. These beautifully made signs supply essential directional information without creating any visual blemish to their surroundings.

  • Air-dried engraved and painted 550x135x25mm fingerarm with chevron end morticed into 100x100x2800mm fresh-sawn oak post
  • 4-way weathered top
  • Supplied smooth-sanded natural finish
  • SKU: 71012


Additional options

  • Other sizes of fingerarm and post available
  • Flat, rounded or shaped fingerarm ends
  • Printed inserts and discs
  • Softwood or recycled plastic


Finger post signs are an integral part of our wonderful countryside!  Quietly and patiently pointing the way they have guided travellers for centuries, in fact the oldest known finger post sign still in use dates back to 1669!


The Newport finger post signs are usually made from oak, although other timbers and recycled plastic can be used.  Options such as printed inserts and discs, engraved and painted posts mean that the signs can be personalised for specific locations such as Heritage properties, Long-distance paths, open farms etc.


Other County products such as the Oxford waymarker post can be used in conjunction as route confirmation, retaining fingerpost signs for critical junctions.  And of course, the entire County range is co-ordinated so any combination of signage, benches or cycle racks will complement the overall scheme and enhance the visitor experience.


Installation can be carried out by the highly trained Landmark team if required, working throughout the UK.