Milan C

Prices from £44

Discreet, effect and durable, the Milan bollard is your first choice for security. Available in various top styles and surface finishes, it will provide discreet security without hindering pedestrian flow.

  • Available as standard in stainless steel or galvanised finishes.
  • Options for power-coated or 316 stainless steel (316 has added molybdenum
    and is recommended for coastal or heavily salted roadway areas).
  • Select from 3 top styles to suit your location.
  • Can be supplied as bolt-down, root fixed or removable.
  • Ground sockets available for removable posts.
  • LPCB certified
Ref Dimensions
85311S 89 x 1200 Stainless Steel
85321S 114 x 1200 Stainless Steel
85331S 139 x 1200 Stainless Steel
85311G 89 x 1200 Galvanised
85321G 114 x 1200 Galvanised
85331G 139 x 1200 Galvanised