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Written by Made by Landmark - 20 Sep 2023

Almost all businesses require directional signage to provide a convenient and enjoyable experience for visitors. Not only do directional signs make it easier for people to get around, it’s also a marketing opportunity if the signs are designed with your company’s colours and fonts. 

Here we discuss the purpose of directional signage and the various types of wayfinding signs that you can choose from.

What is directional signage?

Direction signs are designed to help people find their way around a place. From shopping malls and museums to public parks, hospitals and corporate buildings, almost all businesses and settings require directional signage. This type of signage provides visitors with useful information to establish where they are and assists them in navigating to where they want to be. 

Ideally, directional and wayfinding signs need to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Your signage should fit in with your branding and the setting while also providing clear and easy-to-read information. Directional signs don’t only tell you where to walk, they also help relay crucial information, for instance, discounts or sales, fire exit signs or health and safety signage. As a result, they are an important tool for improving the experience of your visitors, employees and clients which could result in better business operations and returning customers.

What is the purpose of directional signage?

Directional signage helps people to get where they need to be. They guide them to their destination one step at a time. When people find themselves in new and unfamiliar surroundings, wayfinding signage is essential. In order to decide how to navigate, the first two things people look for is:

  1. Information such as the setting, where they are in relation to it and where their destination is, usually in the form of maps or floor plans.
  2. Signage to help direct them to their destination, for example: fingerpost signs, directional signposts and other wayfinding signage. 

If your visitors don’t find either of these, or if your signage is not placed in convenient locations for ease of access, they will become frustrated and this doesn’t bode well for your business. In order to provide a positive experience for customers, you should make it simple for them to navigate to where they want to be. This is especially important in large spaces like national parks or nature reserves. By effectively guiding visitors through the use of well placed directional signs, they are more likely to enjoy their experience. 

Types of Wayfinding signage

Directional A-boards

A-boards are ideal for guiding foot traffic on pathways, directing cars and pedestrians, or displaying maps. They are commonly used for displaying special offers or providing directions for events. 

The A-frame provides a smooth flat surface to showcase your directions in a bright and attractive way to make them eye-catching. A-boards are also mobile so you can easily place them where you see fit or where they are needed most.

We stock high quality timber A-boards that are durable, sustainable and can enhance any environment. They boast user-centred design elements and the replaceable panels help keep your signage fresh and updated. 

Shop Cromer A-frame board and Aberdeen A-board.

Directional Fingerpost Signs

Finger posts are used to direct visitors around public open spaces such as parks, nature reserves, town centres, airports and universities. The number of directional arms or ‘fingers’ will differ according to the environment and provide relevant and clear directional information in a tried-and-tested format. 

As one of the oldest and most popular forms of signage, these posts offer maximum visibility and accessibility so pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can view them from afar. Our fingerpost signs have been used in many UK destinations like Melton Mowbray, Newport Railway Station and Dunster Castle.

Shop our wide range of Fingerpost Signs

Digital Directional Signage

Digital signs are both dynamic and easy to adapt. They have the dual purpose of assisting wayfinding as well as providing advertisements and additional information about exhibits and upcoming events. These prove to be cost-effective as they can easily be changed, saving the cost of additional signage or remaking the sign. 

Citi-System combines multiple elements to reduce clutter, waste and enhance public places. From a simple bench to a multiple run of shaped spaces and walkways it fits any environment and can be customised to suit your unique requirements.

Get Custom Directional and Wayfinding Signs

A well-designed wayfinding system starts with the right signage. To make it easy and convenient for your visitors to navigate your business, we create high quality wayfinding and directional signs. 

Get in touch with us for customised directional, wayfinding and informational signage for your business. Choose the perfect signs to suit your environment and point your customers in the right direction!

Written by Made by Landmark - 20 Sep 2023

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