Sustainable Lighting Solutions: Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics

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Written by Made by Landmark - 20 Mar 2024

In a world where sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly vital, smart lighting solutions play a crucial role in various sectors. From offering benefits such as energy savings to enhanced functionality and improved aesthetic appeal, lighting serves many purposes. In this blog, we explore how making the right outdoor lighting choices can impact your space’s energy efficiency and increase its visual appeal.

Why is energy-efficient outdoor lighting necessary?

Energy-efficient lighting uses less energy without compromising on brightness or quality. When designing outdoor lighting, it’s important to consider the purpose of the lighting along with basic ways to achieve energy efficiency.

Outdoor lighting usually serves the purposes of aesthetics, security, and wayfinding. When it comes to public spaces like parks, walking paths, or businesses with large open spaces, you will need them to be well-lit. A welcoming, evenly lit area signals to the public, customers, and employees that you care about their safety and security. By integrating energy-efficient LEDs or illuminated timber bollards, you can achieve a greater degree of control over the appearance of your business.

Choosing lighting bollards like our Baldo or Torre ranges provides a long-term energy-efficient solution. Not only does it help you to keep your space lit and your energy costs down, it also reduces light pollution. This is especially important in national parks and dark skies reserves for protecting wildlife from artificial lighting and saving energy. For instance, a specific bat-friendly lighting bollard has a restricted 593nm wavelength module with an amber colour, avoiding the blue and green wavelengths of light that are disturbing to bats.

Solar-powered lighting

Solar bollard lights offer several advantages that can contribute to your energy efficiency. Since they are powered by solar energy, they do not require electricity from a grid. This makes them ideal for outdoor settings and if you’re trying to cut costs on electricity. They are also easy to install, requiring no additional trenching or cable installation.

Our Eye solar bollard is one of the most popular lamps in the range. The solar energy is stored and released as efficiently as possible to provide soft illumination for drives or pathways.

We would also recommend that you run a trial for solar lighting, particularly if the area is north-facing or especially shaded.  Some solar lighting will stay on all night in summer but may switch off during a long night in winter.

LED lighting

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use up to 90% less energy and last for up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs. If you need your outdoor lighting to be on for a long time, using LED lighting bollards can save you a lot of energy and be more cost-effective.

All of our lighting bollards use LED modules, making them a good option for a variety of purposes. Whether you need low-level illumination or brightly illuminated bollards, we provide a wide range to suit your needs.

Outdoor areas to illuminate for enhanced aesthetics and safety

The location of your outdoor lighting will depend on your needs and goals. Maybe you’re focused on creating an appealing aesthetic and an inviting ambiance, or maybe your concern is safety and security. It’s also likely that you want to find a balance between both.

Cycling and walking paths: well-lit pathways not only increase the visibility of cyclists and pedestrians but also create a more safe and secure environment. Using path lights or illuminated bollards to line walkways or cycling paths can also improve the visual appeal and encourage more people to use them.

Driveways: For driveways, consider using bollard lights placed along the sides of the driveway. Bollard lights are a great way to add a touch of style and sophistication to your driveway while also providing essential lighting. You can also use path lights to illuminate walkways leading to your house.

Car parks: Car parks require brighter lighting to ensure safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. You can use a variety of lighting options, such as pole lights, flood lights, and wall lights. Our Santis bollard is a popular LED-powered product for car parks, providing gentle yet precise illumination.

Public parks and gardens: parks are natural gathering places and will greatly benefit from strategic lighting. Path lights, bollards, and soft uplighting in bushes or shrubbery can create a welcoming ambiance while ensuring safe navigation after dark. The use of illuminated timber bollards will help the lighting blend in with the natural environment. The Bosco lighting bollard is made from chestnut and has a rough appearance, making it ideal for park trails and gardens.  The recent ‘Safer Parks for Women and Girls’[1] emphasises low, even lighting rather than bright lights, which can create glare and dark spaces, as well as lighting with a high CRI (colour rendering index) to enable good facial recognition after dark.

Public squares: well-lit public squares become more inviting and encourage people to linger in the evenings. Bollard lighting can create a warm, inviting, and safe atmosphere, perfect for outdoor cafes, restaurants, and community events.

Light your outdoor space with illuminated bollards

Bollards offer the perfect solution for energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting. Whether you need to light up your driveway, garden, or public space, you’re sure to find the right lighting bulbs in our wide selection. Rustic or contemporary, wired or solar, surface-mounted or root-fixed, you’ll find them all here.

Contact us today to find out more.

[1] Green Flag Award. (2003). Safer Parks. Available at:

Written by Made by Landmark - 20 Mar 2024

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