Guy Walton - 6 Sep 2019

The importance of wayfinding & architectural signage in urban landscapes

While it’s true that wayfinding is about helping people get to where they want to go, it can also create brand enhancements and key...

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Guy Walton - 6 Aug 2019

How can signage and wayfinding improve visitor experience?

A clearly designed and well thought-out cohesive signage scheme will enhance your site and improve the  overall visitor experience. When faced with an unfamiliar...

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Guy Walton - 10 Jul 2019

Steel – Mild, Galvanised, Stainless or Weathering?

Steel is an excellent material for signage & wayfinding structures, but it can be quite confusing deciding what to specify. Here’s a brief guide...

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Guy Walton - 2 Jul 2019

Recycled Plastic – Properties and Advantages

Looking for new fingerposts or waymarker posts? Have you considered using recycled plastic for them? Here’s a whole list of benefits of this amazing...

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Guy Walton - 3 May 2018

Creating an effective wayfinding system

Wayfinding in public places can be a challenge. Poorly designed wayfinding can lead to confusion and even a loss of visitors/use of the space....

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