Written by Guy Walton - 16 Dec 2022

Accoya – a new timber for signage?

Accoya 1

Timber signage is widely used throughout the UK for its aesthetics and sustainability. Some of the most remarkable places we’ve ever seen have timber entrance signs, fingerpost signs, monoliths and waymarker posts. Oak, Chestnut, Reclaimed Greenheart and many other species are popular.

Here’s where Accoya comes in. It’s what’s called a modified timber – basically a softwood which has gone through a process called acetylation. This process replaces the component of the timber which is subject to movement and decay with a moisture resistant acetyl. The timber looks the same, has the same constituents (although in different proportions) and handles the same as the original timber but with one key difference… It doesn’t rot.

In fact Accoya (and it’s plywood cousin Tricoya) is guaranteed for 25 years below ground and 50 years above ground against decay. It’s also more dimensionally stable than the original timber making it ideal for signage, as well as doors and windows.

Visit our case study on website and LinkedIn to see it in use at Pollok Park in Glasgow.

Written by Guy Walton - 16 Dec 2022

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